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V belt width: A (1/2") B (21/32") c (7/8") D (1 1/4") E (1 1/2") Measuring Belt Length with an Old V Belt Place a mark on the side of an old V belt with a white paint marker. Set the flat outer edge of the V belt on a flat surface

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Procedure 5: Selection of Belt Size Using the given center distance and the size of the large and small sheaves selected, calculate the belt length. For this purpose the following equation is used. C = Center Distance D = Outer Diameter of Large Sheave d = Outer Diameter of Small Sheave Belt Size = 2C + 1.57 (D+d) + (D-d)2 4C

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Poly V Pulley Designed for Poly-V belt drives, primarily used in Compact & Energy-Saving applications. Available in 160 Sizes as Standard in Taper Lock Version Range. Features PH, PJ, PK, PL, and PM Section Pulleys

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s Special belts Chain Drives Smart Tools V & Wedge bells Pulleys elts Sprockets Keyless bushings Classical V-belt pulleys. “Belt series. Pitch diameter.

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Learning how to measure a V-belt pulley’s size and calculate its dimensions are simple tasks; however, properly identifying a V-belt pulley type can be a complex process. V-belt pulleys come in a multitude of different styles and options, including A-section , B-section , C-section , D-section , 3V-section , 5V-section , 8V-section , variable pitch , double groove and metric pulleys.

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Universal V-Belt Pulleys ensures more mileage form V-belt drive(s ), in a way, pulley is made from superior quality graded cast iron, with grooves property ð•Chain Sprockets wheels single double strand with knob 10~50 teeths in sizes 3/8 ˛-1/2 ˛-5/8 ˛-3/4 ˛-1 ˛-1-1/4 ˛-1-1/2 ˛ pitchsizes. Face Width Of Duo Applications Cone Bush

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Correct accurate installation of V-Belt Pulleys is essenial to provide long life of the belts. Pulley alignment and parallelism are Dia. Dm Size d d B L K M N J kg SPC 2 Groove Pulleys SPC212-2-3020 212 4 3020 25 75 59.5 51 4.3 4.3 - 170 7.40 SPC224-2-3020 224 4 3020 25 75 59.5 51 4.3 4.3 - 170 8.10


Hi-Q* Bored to Size Sheaves up to 10 H.P. Groove Multi-V Ful-Grip (QD Sheaves) - A, B, C, D Positive Drive*** Pulleys - XL, L, H, XH, XXH.

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belt is designed to fit. Last three or four digits indicate pitch length to the nearest tenth of an inch. Example: 2326V310 Belt 23 Top Width in 16ths 26 Sheave Angle in V Multi-Speed310 Pitch Circumference of an inch: 23/16

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Classical V-belt pulleys A “Belt series Pitch diameter range Groove angle Dimensions a W D X S E Inches Inches Inches Inches Inches 3V Under 3,5 3,5 - 6 6,01 - 12, Over 12 36 38 40 42

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Please Note: For the below illustrations we use a standard single-groove V-belt pulley. Step 1: First, measure the outside diameter (OD) of the pulley. Step 2:


Suitable for small size pulleys diameter (20 mm), achieving very high peripheral speed (up to 60 m/s) The belt can counter flex and work on the backside Wide range of pulleys for taper bush

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GROOVE DIMENSIONS/TOLERANCES . V-belt sheaves meet the toughest demands of industry, while continuing the The type of sheave shown.

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Apr 25, · Calculate the sizes of the pulleys. Get the speed ratio by dividing the speed in RPM of the power shaft by the speed in RPM of the load shaft. Assume a power shaft pulley size of 4 inches. This is generally a good size for efficient belt operation. Multiply by the speed ratio. The result will give the load shaft pulley size.

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kW 1000 500 1 5 10 50 100 150 100 2,500 5,000 R.P.M. 200 500 1000 200 x 6 SP 315 x 8 SPB 560 x 8 SPC 140 x 6 SPZ A V- Pulleys & Belt Drives The Standard Vee Belt drives have been

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