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Crowned tooth gear couplings

The Jaure MT gear couplings can be also delivered on demand with the 3.2 Select coupling size from catalogue with nominal torque capacity same or higher 

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Jaure ® marine style gear couplings have been operating for years in a variety of applications such as main propulsion & maneuvering of vessels, dredging including underwater use fire fighting pumps, winches, etc. The Jaure MT couplings can be also delivered on demand with type 3.2 Inspection. Certificate of any marine classification society.

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HYPERFLEX COUPLING INSTALLTION 1. Insert flexible sleeve and fix flanges to shafts 2. Alignment can be easily checked with a straight rule or a dial gauge MT-50 MT-60 MT-70 MT-85 MT-IOO MT-125 MT-140 MT-170 MT-185 MT-200 MT-225 Rubber Urethane Parallel Angular ( 50 60 70 85 100 125 140 170 185 200 225 B 36 42 50 56 62 88 100 110 118

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Couplings. The maximum transmittable torque of the clamping hub depends on the bore diameter. For CAD-files contact Rollco. Dimensions in mm. Explanations to the table below: Ms

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Korea Coupling Co., Ltd., is a specialist manufacturer of power transmission equipment including high quality shaft couplings for various industries such as steel mills, paper mining, chemical and cement, etc. Every effort has been taken to ensure that the data listed in this catalogue is correct.

Falk Steelflex Grid Couplings - Rexnord

Select a coupling for reversing service to connect a gear drive low-speed shaft to a runout mill table roll . The electric motor rating is 50 hp at the base speed and the system peak torque at the coupling is estimated to be 150,000 lb-in . Coupling speed is 77 rpm at the motor base speed . The drive shaft diameter is 4 .000 with a keyway of 1

HYPERFLEX™ Coupling (MT • MH) - Direct Connected Power

HYPERFLEX™ Coupling (MT • MH) MT type is a compression stress type, which enables compact design with large transmission torque.Flange material is gray cast iron. Two types of materials


Jaure´s Engineering Department will be glad to work with you to design couplings to fit your most demanding applications. 1. Partial workshop view. 2. Gear hob machine. 3. Gear shaping machine. 4. Couplings ready for expedition. 5. Inventory of standard components. 6. ISO 9001 certified firm & Type Approvals from DNV. 7. Gear sleeve inspection.

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Rigid shaft couplings. Rigid shaft couplings CLAMPEX KTR 700. Precision joints / Cardan shafts. Precision joint with plain bearing G/GD. Precision joint with needle bearing H/HD. Precision joint extendable GA/HA. Precision joint made of stainless steel X/XD. Precision joint with quick lock GR/HR. Torque measuring shaft.


There are two types of couplings: the MT type. and has high transmission torque, and the MH type, which utilizes shear stress of elastic rubber. Catalog.

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CATALOG. Electrofusion. Electrofusion Fittings. MTDTRIFUSION™ Electrofusion Couplings Electrofusion Coupling Nominal Size: 1" CTS 1" IPS 1-1/4" IPS 1/2" CTS 2" IPS 3" IPS 3/4" IPS 4" IPS 6" IPS 8" IPS 10" IPS 12" IPS 16" IPS. Email a Friend. MTDTRIFUSION ™ Electrofusion Couplings Standards:

HYPERFLEX Coupling, MT Type (MT-125G) - MISUMI Thailand

MT-125G HYPERFLEX Coupling, MT Type from MITSUBOSHI BELTING. MISUMI has more than 9 millions products of Automation Components, Fastners and Materials. MISUMI offers free CAD downloads, No Shipping charge with short lead times. Available to order online 24 hr.

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2018. 9. 12. · Renold Couplings. 03 Typical Applications 04. The Renold Collection 06 Coupling Comparison Chart 08. Coupling Selection Guide 10 Load Classification by Application 12 .

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Coupling Type Characteristics Max misalignment capabilities* Nominal torque range (Nm) Max shaft Taper Speed range Light duty Medium duty Heavy duty diameter lock (mm) Bore and key (mm) Torsionally Flexible Spiderflex (RSC) +1.7 2.5 0.5 32 - 3,150Nm 115 90 Up to 7,700rpm Spider (SC) 0.89 1 0.25 2.4 - 107Nm 42 Up to 11,000rpm

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